Cork: A Retrospective

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After writing my last post, which seemed a little downbeat (although I didn’t feel it when I was writing it), I realised that I should go back over my time in Cork since 1999 and catalogue as many of the achievements and high points that I could remember. So here goes…

I arrived in Cork, [...]

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Well, some time has indeed passed.

I returned to Cork from San Francisco over four months ago, and came to the conclusion that I needed a change. I returned to the same house and the same view across the city and it was clear that I needed a shake-up. The combination of the break up [...]

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Last night I went to see Karolina Sobecka‘s interactive art exhibition at Super Frog Gallery here in San Francisco.
Presented in your usual stark-white gallery space, it worked well with the small, but inviting, array of pieces. Thankfully I had already read up on a few of the pieces, so [...]

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